My 3euro Dress

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello  Fellas....

How are you guys?
                Today i was wearing thrifted dress,,, i know some people doesnt like second hand clothes  its "yakky"they say, for me i dont have problem,, I take this dress in thrifting shop its was good condition and also still have label i believe they dont use its from england the one thing i like this dress perfectly fit on me look so good like new and color of this dress very attractive to me.. and also price was good its only 3 euro even my shoe its thrifting for only 2 euro its looks so good..And add jacket to little edgy and some neclace...I hope you like it ,,Have a BlessDay
                                                 Jacket -Mango

Until soon love from Cyprus
Ojie Papalli

Photography:Costas Papallis

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