21st Century Breakdown

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello Fellas,


           Hello  fellas ...Kumusta?Gia sas.. Today was so very very very busy I wake up early morning 5:30 to start to go my work and play the music greenday to alive my morning sabado..I finish until 2pm after I must go cut my hair to my lovely friend and mother Virginia Gumaru at 2:30 to get lovely my hair and i must ran to send the delivery of my order .It was raining heavy today, thanks god it was raining i miss raining In cyprus is not raining often here..mostly the weather sunny day and autumn,winter,spring.Its not always raining here and after I  deliver my order when i came from my home i found my veranda so dirty many soil in the floor, I must to clean and after toilet also because i leave the window open and all dirt come inside in my toilet OMG I need to clean.Iam cleaning person. I dont let my house to be dirty as long i can i need to do my work at home after i need to start to cook but my lovely husband he offer me that he gonna cook and clean the kitchen What the ?so sweet...He understand I came from work I need to sit ,And after i start to edit my photo ...
           Haloween is coming soon,here my idea for haloween or Outside party with friendzhip Fazhionista outhere...This look Grudge suit look,dark decent style. I hope you like it  and Dont forget to follow me muahh muahh....

                                                           Until soon Luv fromCyprus
                                                                       Ojie Papalli
                                                                     (patang patang)

Photography:Costa Papallis