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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello fellas,
                          Its been a while Im not update in my blog because of my schedule even im busy i still keep remember my blog,I just want to share something I went Deftera i found place very nice and have Cave Church called Chrisospiliotissa it was so very beautifull...At  the outside i had chance to make photo for my outfit here my outfit....



As you can see this cave all birds they live here......
        I was wearing Azte Cardigan,Fedora and Ankle Boots from Boohoo.This outfit make remind mexican or western mix.I dont know how exactly to called my style i just what i see i feel to see the place i want my outfit also like that.Also my necklace from my online shop OJIE PAPALLI.And just put simple plain white shirt from tally weijl and matching pants from Bershka.

                                                                                              Until soon luv from Cyprus
                                                                                                      Ojie Papalli

Photography:Costas Papallis

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