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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hellos Fellas....

           Today i was thinking in coachella in American wishing in the cyprus we have like that.....or i hope i can go there...Watching music Band wow......By the way as my style today simi cowgirl as always i love western style with Fedora hat,My coat is from Zara,,,, My tee was from my online and my Distressed Jeans from Boohoo,and my shoe im so inlove this shoe,,, i know im late this style of this shoe but for me its still instyle and  give vibe bohoostyle rock,,,,When i was looking this shoe so very expensive almost 130 euro something but here in TallyWeijl i foundthis shoe so cheap grab it and buy it .....

                                                I hope you have Bless Day ......
                                                                                                               Love from CYPRUS

Photography:Costas Papallis

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