Shhhh"Bangbang,I shot you down Bang2x,you hit the ground"

Friday, October 3, 2014

Helloo Fellas, 

           At this time ready to party soon i feel this outfit mix grudge, glamoure,sexy because slit  of skirt that i bought from ebay....
           Putting my bomber jacket that  i order in my online fashion with full forest art make me love it and with matching big choker necklace that i take from vintage shop with simple watch gold from Swatch. Put the spikey boots make rock with flip up sunglasses ,,,
      So I must to ready guys,,, see yah ,, choww choww....

                                             Until Soon Luv from Cyprus
                                                         Ojie Papalli
                                                      (patang patang)

Photography:Costas Papallis

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